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Farmers urgently need new answers

Pesticides made modern agriculture possible. Without them we’d lose more than half of our food. The problem is these traditional protection measures are showing their age. Social, economic, climatic, and biotic factors are accelerating the global food chain’s need to adopt novel innovations. The farm and food industry is transforming fast. Farmers demand new tools and the future of agriculture must be built on public trust.

We actively listen to farmers and consumers

Farmers need to easily adopt and use new solutions. We believe crop efficiency is the future of agriculture, and we’re leading the way. Our PROTAC technology has unique advantages including high specificity, ease-of-use for farmers, reduced volume and application rates, and the potential to create new classes of products through access to an expansive range of novel targets.

"Bayer’s investment in Oerth Bio’s new and pioneering technologies will help us both discover ecofriendly innovations that address farm threats and redefine the possibilities for agriculture."

– Bob Reiter, Head of R&D, Crop Science division of Bayer