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Healthier Plants, Healthier Food

We're designing earth-gentle products to protect crops from threat of external disease and pest, while also bolstering their ability to thrive amidst climate pressures and environmental stressors.

Crop Protection

Disease Control

Interrogate acute diseases such as Asian soybean rust and stem rot with novel PROTAC® mode of action

Insect Control

Address rapid resistance onset and design for off-target safety

Weed Control

Address rapid resistance onset and design for off-target safety

Crop Efficiency

We operate in biological and sustainable design realms unattainable via conventional chemistry, allowing Oerth’s research and product design teams to imagine and implement breakthrough crop enhancement applications.

Plant resilience

By enhancing the plant’s natural abiotic defense, farmers can proactively address field issues. A targeted PROTAC-based approach increases crop yield by enhancing the plant’s ability to maximize nutrient uptake and respond to biotic stressors.

  • Abiotic and climate change-related stress
  • Nutrient uptake and efficiency
  • Biotic stress tolerance (e.g. disease resistance)

Nutrition and Health

Impact the flavor profile of a crop? Modify its color? Extend shelf life? Customize its shape? Increase healthy micronutrients? Without making genetic changes, Oerth’s PROTAC molecules can affect in-season amplifications to agronomic outputs to meet farmer needs and customer demand.

  • Crop quality and nutrition
  • Supply chain and food waste
  • Near harvest and post-harvest applications
  • Improved size, color, nutrition, or control the harvest window