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A new perspective on agricultural health

What if the solution isn’t just a matter of science, but perspective as well? What if the future of agriculture begins by embracing the health of our plants, from the inside out? Not just our ability to apply chemical defenses, but a comprehensive, endogenous picture of plant wellbeing?

Crop Protection

Effective, precise, and flexible, our new model of crop protection is carefully designed to solve acute farmer challenges on every level.

Disease Control

Interrogate acute diseases such as Asian soybean rust and stem rot with novel PROTAC® mode of action

Insect Control

Address rapid resistance onset and design for off-target safety

Weed Control

New chemistries and new modes of action to address resistance in weeds

Plant Resilience

What if crops could grow more abundantly? What if farmers could gain access to vital crop health technology faster? When you can enhance the plant’s abiotic defense, you can do all this, and more. A targeted PROTAC-based approach increases crop yield by enhancing the plant’s ability to maximize nutrient uptake and respond to biotic stressors.

  • Nutrient Uptake and Efficiency
  • Biotic Stress Tolerance
  • Disease Resistance

Health & Nutrition

Impact the flavor profile of a crop? Modify its color? Extend shelf life? Customize its shape? Increase healthy micronutrients? Without making permanent genetic changes, PROTAC protein degraders can affect in-season amplifications to agronomic outputs to meet farmer and customer demand.

  • Crop Quality and Nutrition
  • Consumer Preference Traits
  • Supply Chain and Food Waste

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