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Protein degraders for a sustainable food system

It’s time for new resilience, durability and quality in our global food system – while minimizing the environmental footprint of agriculture. Harnessing a natural protein recycling system in plants, PROTAC® protein degraders are unlocking powerful new possibilities for crop protection and plant health.

Whether it’s tackling abiotic stress or helping crops thrive in the face of pests and disease, we are pushing beyond current ideas of sustainability. We are reimagining food that’s good for people, good for the plant, and good for the planet.

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About Oerth Bio

Crop protection

Safeguarding the farm from off-target impacts without compromising efficacy

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Plant resilience

Enhancing crops’ natural abiotic defenses in the face of climate stress

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Health & nutrition

Enabling farmers to return the full nutrition of their crops

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We are the agriculture PROTAC® company

Our management team, board of directors, and scientific advisory board are comprised of accomplished business building experts in the agricultural chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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