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First-in-the-world science

There is a sacred bond between the plants that nourish us and our responsibility to ensure they can thrive. It’s time for new resilience, durability, and quality of our global food system – all while minimizing the environmental footprint of agriculture. We’re bringing powerful new possibilities to crop protection and issues like soil health, carbon sequestration, fertilizer efficiency and whole farm economics.

Oerth Bio is the only company designing targeted protein modulators specifically for plant health applications. Our process harnesses a naturally occurring protein recycling system, optimizing plant health for a variety of functions.

Whether it's new strength in root density, thriving in the face of pests and disease, or accelerating soil-based carbon capture, we're here to show the world what plants can do. Naturally.

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About Oerth Bio

Earth friendly. Tech forward.

Developing world-class technology for optimized plant performance.

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Attune™ Platform. Nature-positive science.

Tuning natural systems for big food system impacts.

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Healthy food. Peace of mind.

Pioneering new ground in agricultural sustainability.

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We are the agriculture PROTAC® company

Our management team, board of directors, and scientific advisory board comprise accomplished business building experts in the agricultural chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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