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Protecting the life force of human health

A new paradigm for adaptive crops

Crops are under historic threat, suffering the effects of relentless environmental extremes. With next generation ecological safety, we are answering the call by tuning the plant's protein balancing system on demand, enabling new adaptability to stressful abiotic conditions.

Abiotic stresses are the largest driver of yield loss andwill exacerbate with climate change

*Bayer Crop Science 2008

PROTAC® applications for plant resilience

By enhancing the plant’s natural abiotic defense, farmers can proactively address field issues. A targeted PROTAC-based approach increases crop yield by enhancing the plant’s ability to maximize nutrient uptake and respond to biotic stressors.

  • Abiotic and climate change-related stress
  • Nutrient uptake and efficiency
  • Biotic stress tolerance (e.g. disease resistance)

PROTAC® Technology in the field