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Our Attune™ Platform

Attune™ is our proprietary R&D platform for developing solutions that solve longstanding agricultural issues and address new ones as they emerge, without changing the plant genome.

The Attune platform harnesses and ignites a natural biological system existing within all animals, plants, insects, and fungi—a system responsible for regulating cellular harmony. Attune is targeting, modulating, and tuning this system for specific outcomes to help crops thrive in the face of disease, pest, and climate pressures. All this without affecting plant DNA and without causing negative environmental or biome effects, off-target responses, or cross-species impacts.

There's never been a safer way to:

  • Protect crops from weeds and invasive species, pests, fungi, and other threats—without harming the surrounding environment.
  • Increase plant resilience through enhanced immunity, stronger root structures and density, and maximized fertilizer use to better handle harsh environmental conditions.
  • Improve taste, appearance, nutritional value, and post-harvest efficiency of crops without altering the plant genome.

Attune integrates three key pillars of the protein modulation process for developing a precise, tunable, agricultural solution.

01. Design

Ligase selection, binder discovery

  • Rationally designed ligands
  • Computational modeling
  • DEL screens
  • Ligase <> target pairing
  • Species specificity
  • Structural biology

02. Build

Rapid PROTAC Molecule Design

  • Proprietary E3 ligase library
  • Plants, fungi and insect targets
  • "Zone of Ubiquitination"
  • Oearth bioavailability "Rules"

03. Test

Agricultural use case validation

  • Biochemical characterization
  • In-cell performance
  • Whole organism validation
  • Greenhouse and field evaluation
  • Formulation
  • Selectivity / safety assessments