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Meet the team behind the technology

Photo of Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson Cell Biology Scientist
Photo of Isabel Benson
Isabel Benson Associate Scientist
Photo of Paul Bernasconi
Paul Bernasconi Chief Scientific Officer
Photo of Steve Bremmer
Steve Bremmer Senior Scientist, Targeted Protein Degradation
Photo of Kelly Broccio
Kelly Broccio Senior Director, Biology
Photo of John Catalano
John Catalano Senior Medicinal Chemist
Photo of Fadil Dahhani
Fadil Dahhani Scientist
Photo of Hamilton Dickson
Hamilton Dickson Senior Scientist, Synthetic Chemistry
Photo of Victoria Dixon
Victoria Dixon Associate Scientist
Photo of John Dombrosky
John Dombrosky Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Denis Fourches
Denis Fourches Senior Director, Data Science and Modeling
Photo of Sam Gattis
Sam Gattis Senior Director, Target and Portfolio Strategy
Photo of Chris Hahne
Chris Hahne Scientist
Photo of Bob Hunter
Bob Hunter Senior Research Scientist, Chemistry
Photo of Jeff Hurst
Jeff Hurst Controller
Photo of Paul Ingram
Paul Ingram Director, Product Performance
Photo of Amanda Jansch
Amanda Jansch Associate Scientist, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Photo of Sviatoslav Kendall
Sviatoslav Kendall Bioinformatician
Photo of Apostolos Klontzaris
Apostolos Klontzaris SVP of Corporate Development and Business Development
Photo of Chris Ladner
Chris Ladner Senior Director, External Innovation
Photo of Leanne Lemyre
Leanne Lemyre HR Specialist
Photo of Melina Lillich
Melina Lillich Scientist
Photo of Kristin Mayo
Kristin Mayo Laboratory Manager
Photo of John Miller
John Miller Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Photo of Gina Morgan
Gina Morgan Scientist, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Photo of Suresh Nagarajan
Suresh Nagarajan Senior Scientist, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Photo of Joe Pilotte
Joe Pilotte Scientist, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Photo of Jessie Potterton
Jessie Potterton Head, Human Resources
Photo of Seth Quackenbush
Seth Quackenbush Office Manager
Photo of Daniel Saltzberg
Daniel Saltzberg Senior Computational Biophysicist
Photo of Laura Schuchart
Laura Schuchart Senior Director, Communications
Photo of Bijal Shah
Bijal Shah Accounting Manager
Photo of Ben Shi
Ben Shi Senior Scientist
Photo of Jason Speake
Jason Speake VP, Chemistry
Photo of Mikayla Stoner
Mikayla Stoner Associate Scientist, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Photo of Eric Sullivan
Eric Sullivan Scientist, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Photo of Andrei Turcanu
Andrei Turcanu Associate Scientist
Photo of Charlotte Van Remortel
Charlotte Van Remortel Director, Business Analytics
Photo of Stephanie Voss
Stephanie Voss Director, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Photo of Brian Watts
Brian Watts Scientist, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Photo of Laura Westby
Laura Westby Chief Legal & Operations Officer
Photo of Song Zhang
Song Zhang Senior Scientist