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Reimagining health by reimagining food

It’s time to restore consumer faith in food. To answer the call to rediscover human health, protein degrader technology will enable farmers to return the full nutrition of their crops. For generations the food system has bred for yield alone, accepting an alarming decline in nutrients and flavor. Oerth’s protein degraders trigger the plant’s protein balancing system to boost nutrient density by targeting specific nutritional attributes. We will help restore food to its proud heritage as the vital center of human health.

50-year decline in crop nutrition

(% change from 1950-1999)

Source: Davis D, Epp M, Riordan H. Changes in USDA food compostition data for 43 garden crops, 1950-1999. Journal of American College of Nutrition Vol. 23(6); 2004: 669-682

PROTAC® applications for health and nutrition

Impact the flavor profile of a crop? Modify its color? Extend shelf life? Customize its shape? Increase healthy micronutrients? Without making genetic changes, Oerth’s PROTAC molecules can affect in-season amplifications to agronomic outputs to meet farmer needs and customer demand.

  • Crop quality and nutrition
  • Supply chain and food waste
  • Control harvest window
  • Improve crop size, color, nutrition