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Solving the pesticide conundrum for farmers

Pesticides made modern agriculture possible. Without them we’d lose more than half of our food. The problem is these traditional protection measures are showing their age. Social, economic, climatic, and biotic factors are accelerating the global food chain’s need to adopt novel innovations. The farm and food industry is transforming fast. Farmers demand new tools and the future of agriculture must be built on public trust.

We are combining powerful farm efficacy with next-gen ecological safety. No longer will farmers have to choose between products that are good for the field, and products that ensure maximum yield.

Superior field performance

Protein degraders are designed as superior performers to traditional chemistry, genetic-based crop solutions, and other natural alternatives. At vastly lower doses, the efficacy rates rival traditional pesticides – without a yield hit.

Unparalleled safety of food and farm

Protein degraders are built to protect crops from disease and pests while leaving all other species and biome unaffected. By design, PROTAC molecules will only activate the targeted organism, safeguarding surrounding life and land from off-target impacts.

  • Unique catalytic effect
  • Less application to field
  • Higher efficacy to pest
  • Lower cost to farm

Crop Protection

Disease Control

Interrogate acute diseases such as Asian soybean rust and stem rot with novel PROTAC® mode of action

Insect Control

Address rapid resistance onset and design for off-target safety

Weed Control

Address rapid resistance onset and design for off-target safety

"Bayer’s investment in Oerth Bio’s new and pioneering technologies will help us both discover ecofriendly innovations that address farm threats and redefine the possibilities for agriculture."

– – Bob Reiter, Head of R&D, Crop Science division of Bayer