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Novel action. Natural advantage.

Oerth’s PROTAC® molecules are safe, sustainable, superior performers to traditional chemistry, genetic-based crop solutions, and other natural alternatives.

Oerth’s PROTAC TechnologyTraditional Crop ChemistryCrop Genetic SolutionsBiologics
Reaches previously inaccessible targetsAlways Rarely Often Sometimes
Novel and iterative mechanism of actionAlways Never Always Never
Utilizes existing equipment and processesAlways Always Always Rarely
No modifications to genomeAlways Always Never Always
Sustainable and soil-health positiveAlways Never Sometimes Always
Improved environmental footprintAlways Never Never Always
“As needed” applicationAlways Always Never Sometimes

Delivering the benefit of biological solutions without the downsides

Oerth's PROTAC platform delivers the reliability and strengths of traditional synthetic small molecules, with the precision of gene editing, all with a naturally mediated mode of action.


PROTAC molecules comprise three separate regions (a protein-binding domain, an E3 ligase binding domain, and a linker). Each element of a PROTAC molecule provides opportunities for high precision product development.

Lower application rates​

Unlike other approaches that operate with a one-to-one ratio (one molecule per one target site), PROTAC molecules work catalytically, recycling within the cell. This could significantly decrease application rates, saving farmers both time and money.

Expanded target landscape

PROTAC molecules have the potential to overcome biological resistance issues plaguing existing approaches. They also open an expanse of new targets previously considered too challenging, or unreachable by conventional methods. PROTAC molecules also overcome issues faced by other natural solutions, like the need for special storage and temperature.

Ease of use​

Understanding that farmers routinely work with conventional agrochemicals and equipment, PROTAC molecules can be formulated for use with conventional equipment and facilities. They are amenable to tank mixing, and can be stored in challenging barn conditions such as heat and cold temperatures. This makes it a sustainable plug-and-play option for farmers.

Reliable performance

PROTAC molecules are manufactured via known, predictable, and optimized chemistry pathways.