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Oerth Bio Expands Board of Directors with Appointment of Veteran Biotech Company Builder and Investor Thong Q. Le

January 18, 2022

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oerth Bio (pronounced “Earth”), an agricultural biotech company pioneering targeted protein modulation for plant health applications, has appointed Thong Q. Le as an independent member of its board of directors.

“We are pleased to welcome Thong to the board of Oerth Bio,” said John Dombrosky, Chief Executive Officer of Oerth Bio. “He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in building and managing successful biotech companies at a time when Oerth Bio is significantly progressing its platform technologies, pipeline of unique products, and important strategic partnerships. He will prove invaluable to Oerth Bio in supporting many of our decisions as the company further matures.”

Mr. Le brings considerable experience to the board of Oerth Bio. He currently serves as Senior Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Accelerator Life Science Partners and has more than 20 years of experience in identifying, investing in, managing, and successfully exiting numerous seed and early-stage investments in the biotechnology sector. He has served as the founding CEO and director of numerous Accelerator Life Science Partners portfolio companies, including Petra Pharma (substantial acquisition by a global pharmaceutical company in May 2020), Rodeo Therapeutics (acquired by Amgen Inc. for up to $721 million in March 2021), and Lodo Therapeutics (acquired by Zymergen in May 2021). He currently oversees the firm’s investments in ALSP ORCHID Acquisition Corporation I (NASDAQ: ALORU | ALOR), Lydian Neurosciences, Magnolia Neurosciences, and Proniras Corporation, where he also serves as Chief Executive Officer and Director of each company.

Prior to joining Accelerator Life Science Partners, Mr. Le served as a Managing Director at WRF Capital, the venture capital investment arm of Washington Research Foundation where he played a significant role in the early sourcing, financing, and development of numerous life science companies, including Alder Biopharmaceuticals (acquired by H. Lundbeck A/S), Corus Pharma (acquired by Gilead Sciences), Halosource (LON: HALO), Hyperion Therapeutics (acquired by Horizon Pharma plc), Lumera, Pathway Medical Technologies (acquired by MEDRAD), and VLST (asset acquisition by global pharmaceutical company). Prior to joining WRF Capital, Mr. Le held various roles at MiniMeals and Capital Management Consulting. Mr. Le completed post-graduate studies at the Templeton College of Oxford University and received his A.B. cum laude in Government from Harvard University.

Mr. Le’s addition to the board comes at a critical time, as Oerth Bio accelerates its proprietary Attune™ platform to produce PROTAC® molecules that protect, fine-tune, and biostimulate crops facing significant threats. The company’s ambition is to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and nourish a growing population, without compromising on-farm demands. By harnessing the plant’s natural protein harmonization biomachinery, Oerth Bio is first-in-the-world to overcome legacy small molecule limitations while retaining their key advantages.

“I am delighted to join Oerth Bio, an innovative agricultural biotechnology company that has pioneered a unique and disruptive platform technology,” added Thong Q. Le. “Oerth Bio’s Attune™ platform is capable of developing unique molecules that address unmet industry needs in crop protection and plant health, and the stage is set to build upon the many successes that have already been achieved by the talented Oerth Bio team. I look forward to supporting Oerth Bio and contributing to the company’s continued success.”

About the Attune™ Platform

Oerth Bio’s Attune platform harnesses and ignites natural biological systems existing within all animals, plants, insects, and fungi. These systems are responsible for regulating cellular harmony. Pre-factoring desired environmental precision and required performance outcomes, Oerth Bio is developing a range of crop protection and valuable trait enhancement assets. The company’s platform targets, modulates and “tunes” these systems within particular agriculture-related species.

Oerth Bio is developing programs to:

  • Protect crops from weeds, invasive species, pests, fungi, and other threats, without harming the surrounding environment.
  • Increase plant resilience through enhanced immunity, stronger root structures and density, and maximized nitrogen use to better handle harsh environmental conditions.
  • Improve taste, appearance, nutritional value, and post-harvest efficiency of crops without altering the plant genome.

About Oerth Bio

Oerth Bio is an agricultural biotech company working to reduce the environmental impact of agrochemical solutions and nourish a growing population with the eco-friendly, healthy foods it demands. The company develops sustainable, environmentally-designed crop and farm solutions with unprecedented ability to fine-tune crops—protecting them from pests, enhancing resilience to changing environmental stressors, increasing nutritional value, and strengthening post-harvest durability.

Oerth Bio was formed as a joint venture between Arvinas and Bayer, supported by $56 million in committed funding and operational support from Bayer, and technology and intellectual property from Arvinas. Oerth Bio is located in Durham, North Carolina.

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